Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is almost gone! Thank goodness! I can't take much more of this crappy weather. We're sure this is the most snow we've had in years.....not to mention the temps. OMG!!!! FREEZING is an understatement!

It was a busy week for us. My parents returned from their warm holiday only to find out that my Gramma was in the hospital. It seems everytime they leave, something happens to her. Her dementia is getting worse. My parents have to move her to a nursing home with a higher level of care.
Prayers for her would be greatly appreciated!

The dentist called with an OR date for Trinity to have her teeth extracted. So March 5th is the big day. I'm sooooooooooo not looking forward to this.

I have been busy plugging away at the sewing. The Indiana Jones tee was a huge hit. So I've been up to my ears in Indy. The Minnie Me dress has been hugly popluar as well, so I've been making a number of those as well. I have a few new things and some resells up on Etsy again, so check them out!

Well it's off to sew again......till next time.

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