Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is almost gone! Thank goodness! I can't take much more of this crappy weather. We're sure this is the most snow we've had in years.....not to mention the temps. OMG!!!! FREEZING is an understatement!

It was a busy week for us. My parents returned from their warm holiday only to find out that my Gramma was in the hospital. It seems everytime they leave, something happens to her. Her dementia is getting worse. My parents have to move her to a nursing home with a higher level of care.
Prayers for her would be greatly appreciated!

The dentist called with an OR date for Trinity to have her teeth extracted. So March 5th is the big day. I'm sooooooooooo not looking forward to this.

I have been busy plugging away at the sewing. The Indiana Jones tee was a huge hit. So I've been up to my ears in Indy. The Minnie Me dress has been hugly popluar as well, so I've been making a number of those as well. I have a few new things and some resells up on Etsy again, so check them out!

Well it's off to sew again......till next time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well what a hectic week/end!

Thursday Kanin lost his very first tooth! How exciting! We were totally unprepared though! I had to make him a pillow case with a pocket for his tooth and the tooth fairy needed to get writing a letter! ;)

Friday started with what should have been a routine appointment. Trinity was to go to the dentist to have a filling. BUT when we got there we found out that she needed extractions, because the cavaties had gotten so bad.

This did not thrill me as the last dentist let us wait so long for an apt with a specialist when she should have treated it as an emergency back then! So alas, here we are, needing to have my beautiful Miss Trinity's 2 front teeth pulled well before she's due to be missing them! We got to the specialist who will do the extraction later on friday and she said that the best way is to put the kids under. I'm so not looking forward to another hospital trip and ANOTHER baby under anesetic! But the dentist seems fabulous.

Friday evening and Saturday I worked on orders. I had 4 new ones come in this week, so I have to get busy! I'll be working hard all week. Then it was visiting with friends on saturday evening and off to the doctor sunday morning to have paper work filled out for Miss Trinity's extraction. They need a form filled out by your family doctor. So 2 hrs in the waiting room for that, then rush home have lunch and take the kids to the afternoon movie (Madagascar 2) that we promised for them both being so good about their teeth this week!
Then we had to go visit Great Gramma in her nursing home for her 82nd birthday! We had a nice visit. She loves to see the kids.

Tonite it's baths, stories betime for the kids and more work for mommy! I need a vacation! ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Well I thought it was about time I joined the ranks!

2009 is going to be a good year for us and I thought what better way to share it then to start a blog!
The year has started off well for us so far. Kanin is being followed by the center for Tramatic brain injury (following his fall this past summer). Kanin is in Beavers till the end of spring and Trinity is in Sparks and Dance. I just can't get over how they have grown! How can my "babies" be almost 6 and almost 7 in a few short months?!?!?

The kids are both doing well in school and enjoying the newest member of our family! Eva the Shorkie puppy! She's been quite a handful. I think the kids both slept better than this little pup does.

Ross is going into the New Year by applying for some new positions within the police force and we're hoping that he finds something that he's happy doing.

I am still trying to keep afloat with and the toy parties. The economy in the US is not being kind though to the clothing business. People just don't have that disposable income they once did. But I will hang in there thru the tough times. Once sept comes and they are both in school full time, I can consider working outside the home.

I have listed some new things on Etsy, you can check them out here:

And this is my newest creation! Finally something for the boys!

There will be lots more for the girls over the coming weeks.