Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week brings the need for prayers. My Gramma is still not doing well and we believe it's just a matter of time before she joins my Granpa in heaven. It's been a tough couple of weeks. I've been trying to see her as often as I can, but it's not often enough for my liking. :(
So if you're the praying type, please say a few for her to go in peace.

The kids must have spring fever or something because the fighting is INSANE!!!!!! I'm about to lose my mind with them. Of course the weather isn't cooperating as I wish it would. I'm so sick of the snow.

The puppy, our sweet little Eva has been nothing but trouble the last week. Accidents galore and alot of biting. I'm hoping once she's fixed this will all get under control.

The interview on wednesday went well, but it's nothing that will be happening anytime soon. If I "qualify" from this interview then I will be put into a pool and when the work spaces open up, I will be offered a position. They are not anticipating any of this until end of May or possibly not until Sept. It actually wouldn' t be such a bad thing if it was Sept. brcause then the kids could go into the before and after school program and I wouldn't have to search for a day home for them. So cross your fingers again that it happens.....but not till Sept. We can manage till then, we always do! :)

I'll be back later to post some pictures of Trinity's Dance recital from last nite. Of course my camera battery died part way thru so I'm hoping I got at least a few decent pics.

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  1. I will definitely be praying for your grandma - and for your family. Its always harder on those of us left behind I think then those actually passing. Sending big hugs to you!